Inspecting her tufted wool works.  She plucks up a felt tip pen and highlights some scribbled anecdotes about me.

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Mary Moser's Friends - The Cut

Mixed media canvas hanging with oil paint, tie dyed and onion skin fabric, curtain tassles, shawls, frames, gels, tufted poms poms, collage, hair pieces, plaster, hessian, enamel paints, cake covers, dabbers, led lights, silver and gold paint, oil sticks, marker pens, fringes, shawls.Variable sizes.


You pluck up a felt tip pe

You pluck up a felt tip pen

Tufted wool works with paper honeycomb shade and embroidery lettering.
841 x 1189 mm


I keep losing balance

I keep losing balance

Tufted wool works with embroidery lettering.
1.52 m x 0.91 m